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Culture Most Wanted.

Sanjeeta Bains

A former celebrity editor, Sanjeeta Bains began her career at The Express and spent eight years as a mag hag before going backpacking across South America. Later Sanjeeta travelled to Sydney, Australia, where she wrote for Aus titles FAMOUS, That’s Life and Cosmopolitan. Now back in the UK, Sanjeeta says, ‘I have a new appreciation for the tremendously vibrant cultural life we have available here. I think it's important we make the most of it.’ North, South, East or West? East. I first lived southside when I moved to London, but it was only when I moved east two years later that I felt at home. High Class or Common or Garden? High class commoner drinking champagne in the garden. Clothes or Culture? Clothes are culture darling. My best night out ever made me feel....... ...that The Secret really works.