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Wedding, afterwork… is the knot suitable for all occasions?

For several years, the bow tie has become popularized. Originally worn exclusively with a tuxedo, the bow tie has long been the preserve of major events. Like the tie, the bow tie does not escape its modernization, acclimating to the wardrobe of modern man. Far from its ancestor, the black or white satin model, this accessory is diversified in all areas: size, color, shape, material … Nothing gets past it! A bowtie for every outside… or almost.

Even if it is difficult to wear it in your work environment (except if you are a doorman or waiter) or during your sports session (do you really have to be told why?), bow tie will have this ability to energize most of your outfits.

To each knot, its collar?

It is still wise to pay attention to it so as not to match it with anything. The bow tie is the most visible accessory of all. The collar is it best friend or its worst enemy. So choose your side carefully. To avoid a wrong note, opt for the classic collar called French collar. Purists will see it as an affront, tradition not allowing the bow tie only with the broken neck. Except that if proven otherwise, it’s not a charity dinner every night, so let’s break the conventions!

The English collar may also be chosen for its narrowness of opening. Avoid collars that are too flared like the Italian or too original like the club or the totally unsuitable officer. The idea is to melt the collar in order to leave the beautiful part to the bow tie.

And what about morphology?

This is where things get complicated. The bow tie has this devious gift of making you switch from elegant to ridiculous in a fraction of inches. Indeed, its size is of crucial importance. It is essential to try a knot before buying it. Its width, its volume will be decisive in your final choice. Take as a landmark your face and more particularly, the axis of the jaws. From there, the knot must respect this invisible limit. Too small or too large a knot will give you an immediate clown effect. Up to you!

Originality is trendy!

The bow tie experiences a wave of extravagance depending on the season. It is not afraid of patterns and textures that go hand in hand with almost any craziness. Polka dot, liberty, striped, have no limits! The majority of knots sold commercially are already assembled or just to clip. An ideal tip for those who have not yet mastered the art of traditional knotting. As for its shape, the slim cut (with rectangular sides and straight ends) as well as the classic cut (with trapezoid wings and rounded sides) are very popular.

In conclusion, to choose your next bow tie, we advise you to follow the following steps:

  • Choose the MODEL that suits you
  • Decide on the MATERIAL
  • Choose the COLOR of your bow tie
  • Make sure the SIZE fits you
  • Check the FINISHES
  • Try the bow tie