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Why is the choice of a kindergarten in sofia so important

Being a parent is the most demanding, responsible and at the same time- rewarding job in the world. It is also something that we do completely free of charge and there is only one reason for that- the love and pride that we have for our little ones. Although some mothers and fathers would look after their children for as long as they could, the time to go back to work sooner or later comes and with this moment also comes a big new step in the child’s life- the beginning of their education and introduction to the school system, starting with none other than daycare.

Where to find the right kindergarten form our kids

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Of course, for most parents it’s not that complicated for them to choose the right place to sign up their children. They have probably lived and inspected the area long before, they have received opinions from personal experience of other parents and making up their mind won’t be difficult. However, this is not the case for everybody. Foreign citizens who have all the same ambitions and also want the highest quality for their offspring will struggle to find an establishment that meets all their needs as residents in another country.

ABC Kindercare Sofia kindergarten is an international preschool that teaches children aged 2 to 6 valuable skills, knowledge and builds up their character so they can be the best versions of themselves. This is where all English speakers who live in the capital of Bulgaria can feel welcome, understood and confident that their kids will be in good hands. Building their reputation for 13 years, they have certainly become experts on how to care for each child individually and in a group as well as teach them all they need to know for their next step in education. If you are looking for:

  • A family atmosphere that helps parents communicate and befriend each other and keeps them involved in their child’s kindergarten experience;
  • A diverse environment with over 20 different nationalities, where any little one will feel accepted, welcome and will learn to do the same for others throughout their lives;
  • High standard of education to start off their early stages of life with. Because of partnering with elite schools and programs, this gives access to the best materials and curriculums making studying fun and easy;
  • A team of professionals who devote their time to making your children feel nurtured, welcome and understood. Only educated, passionate people with love for children are part of ABC’s staff;
  • Modern facilities and outdoor spaces which allow multiple activities so your child is never bored. Whether it’s inside or outside, there are always new things to do to keep their brains working and help them do what they love;
  • Individual attention to every child to help them discover their special skills and build them up so they can see that they can do anything.

If these are all requirements you have for the future kindergarten for your son or daughter, then ABC Kinder Care Centre meets them all.

Is ABC Kinder Care Centre the right choice

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This establishment is run and staffed only by people who truly have a passion for children, educating them and helping them grow and shape into future global citizens. All the knowledge and skills that are acquired during the daycare period will help kids understand how to find their place in the world. This early age allows them to constantly learn new things and develop their character.

It helps them learn communication skills, tolerance for others and how to share by socializing with the other members of the kindergarten. Being around their age mates helps them understand what is proper behavior and what isn’t. This is why, to make this period in your child’s life the most memorable for both them and you, ABC Kindercare in Sofia is the place for you.